The assignment wasn’t really hard because I knew I wanted to make something that represented my designs, and I also wanted something that was in nature because I love nature. The hardest part of this task was coming up with a word for my business name. At first I thought I’d take a word from another language that is harder than English, for example Japanese, but then I thought, what if someone from Japan sees my business name and knows that the word is actually wrong or means something completely different than what I thought. Then I thought that I should use Harmonia as a name because that’s the Greek goddess of harmony, but then I thought that I should respect the goddess and leave her name for her. Some myths say that if you misuse the name of a goddess, she’ll punish you or even kill you. I chose the lotus as the symbol for my business because the lotus is a well-known symbol of peace, harmony and compassion, but its also known as the symbol of strength, rebirth and purity. The fact that lotus flowers emerge from the dirt unblemished makes them a popular representation of purity. Lotus flowers are also a representation of strength, endurance and rebirth, as they emerge from the dark water each evening and bloom at dawn. Another meaning of the lotus flower is transcendence. Because it emerges from the underworld into the light. I like how lotus is symbol for so many things, and I chose lotus for this fact because I want the symbol and the name to represent my designs, that’s why the business name harmony desing is simple, many have said that my work that I have done is harmonius and everything is well planned together, so I thought that I could use that as my business name.